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The Last Shangri-La.

How far would you go to be happy? The Tourism Council of Bhutan says, “Happiness is a place" and "Stop running .. happiness has been chasing you all this time”. 
When I got back from Bhutan, friends asked me, “So what is the happiest place on earth like?” - and I realized it’s hard to explain. I spent an afternoon at a monastery in Paro and talked to some of the happiest kids I have met in a classroom. 
Photos and Text by VJ Singh | Far/Back | Paro, Bhutan | Sep 2010

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中原大佛 (Zhongyuan Dafo) Spring Temple Buddha, Lushan, China (currently the tallest statue in the world)

& 南海观音 (Nanhai Guanyin) Guanyin of the South Sea, Sanya, China (currently the 4th tallest)

I love my religion’s penchant for building ginormous statues.